Understanding Beliefs

A-new-path-forward-02What are your beliefs and do they serve you to be the most effective you can be in reaching your life’s goals and desires? Like values, beliefs go often unchecked over the years and need a clean up once in a while. Many of us carry beliefs that were given to us or worse – enforced upon us by well meaning bosses or parents over the years.

An example would be: “It is hard to make money”. This is quite understandable if this was the experience of your parents – unwittingly they may have passed the belief on. Imagine a very good opportunity presents itself to make money without the hard graft they experienced. Perhaps you don’t trust the opportunity and let it pass by as it is not possible to make “easy” money.

Somebody who grew up in a household where financial success was central to the experience might see the same opportunity as one not to be missed, grab it and succeed. The experience thus reinforces the belief.

Our real beliefs are a product or our own direct experience and are often more accurate than inherited or given beliefs. However, even if they are accurate to you they may not be assisting you. If we consider the same example belief that it is difficult to make money. This belief will create a mountain of every new financial venture – stripping you of your personal energy and motivation before you have gotten off the start line. If we are to be more accurate in our beliefs we could say “I am having difficulty making money presently but others are making money more easily and I believe that I could do that too.” One would certainly feel more optimistic as you get started and motivation will more like accompany you on your venture.