Life Design Coaching

Performance CoachingLife design coaching is a type of coaching developed by Paul as a coach and qualified architect which incorporates key elements from Paul’s training and experience in both disciplines. I also use tools and strategies from Choice Theory, Reality Therapy, Lead Management, my business and personal experience.

The life design coaching process is undertaken within the structure of professional coaching practice. Unique in life design coaching are elements of the architectural design process, namely that both client and coach come to a clearer understanding of the life context, challenges and solutions through a process of visualization, drawing and mind mapping.

This process creates a wider perspective and more tangible discussions from which the client can explore and develop between modules.


Below are some of the key areas that differentiate LDC from traditional Life Coaching.

  • Is a strategic coaching methodology used to create a higher functioning life in the long term rather than necessarily solving immediate* challenges.
  • Uses methodology from the architectural design process to create a congruent process for building a better and more successful life.
  • Uses large scale strategic drawing to better understand how different life and work elements relate to each other, and how our values, needs and beliefs create and affect our experience.
  • Has a higher intensity of questioning and feedback from your coach as is the case within a business, project or architectural design process.

* In LDC the process is directed away from immediate challenges to give the client a wider perspective to better create an overall plan for improving their life in a long term and more sustainable way. With a clear “Life Design” many of the day to day problems resolve as internal conflict has been removed and a clear life goal and methodology on how to get there have been set.


Your Life Design Course

Each module lasts 4 hours with the client choosing an additional “homework” task each module.

   Module 1 – Present life design LDC Sheet 01

  • Goal setting
  • Needs  analysis
  • Your belief structures
  • Patterns for failure & success
  • Chain reactions
  • Pattern interrupts
  • Review
  • Action plan


LDC Sheet 02Module 2 – Life without limits

  • Goal setting
  • No limits design
  • Anchors
  • Needs alignment
  • Temporal displacement challenges
  • Long term goals & high value moments
  • Review
  • Action plan


LDC Sheet 03Module 3: Transition planning

  • Goal setting
  • New needs alignment
  • Limiting beliefs awareness
  • Soft spots for success
  • Convergence process
  • Provisional new life design
  • Review
  • Action plan


LDC Sheet 04Module 4: New life design & implementation

  • Goal setting
  • New life design core beliefs
  • Redesign for reality
  • Metaphors as anchors
  • Preparation for growth
  • Preparation for contribution
  • Review
  • Action plan



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