My wife Lena and I translate for business, web sites, marketing and promotional material, along with themes related to exhibitions and the national parks. Lena is a qualified art historian and archaeologist and my qualifications are in teaching, business coaching and architecture.

When it comes to translation we have ongoing partnerships with businesses and organizations who value the highest quality translations, rephrased by a native speaker such that the target text reads as the original. See below an example of a text we were involved in both creating and translating for the Brijuni National Park’s center piece exhibition “The Boathouse”. We were also were involved in the recording of the parallel audio guide.

Brijuni NP

Ljepota, snaga i životnost prirode glavna je poruka ove izložbene prostorije. No priroda ne postoji sama za sebe – i mi ljudi dio smo životne cjeline. Brijuni su primjer pozitivnog ljudskog utjecaja na okoliš. Proglašenjem brijunskog arhipelaga Nacionalnim parkom te neprestanim radom stručnjaka na zaštiti prirodne i kulturne baštine krećemo se u pozitivnom smjeru prema održivosti prirode i uravnoteženom ljudskom utjecaju u ovom specifičnom okruženju.

Vi ste naš gost, ali i gost Prirode. Uživajte u dobrodošlici koju vam pruža!

The beauty, vigor and vitality of nature is the over riding message of this room. But nature does not stand alone, we are very much part of its equation whether a help or hindrance. Brijuni is an example of where the positive influence of humanity can be seen. Through the designation of the archipelago as a national park, to the unending work of the team of experts, charged with the the protection of both the natural and cultural heritage, we move forward to creating a better sustainability for the natural world and the delicate balance of human activity within this environment.

You are our guests, but more importantly a guest of nature. Enjoy its welcome!

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