For Elementary School Students

Presenting to elementary schools is one of the highlights of what I do, and I have had the honour to speak, sing and dance with over 50 schools and approximately 10000 students over the last 15 years. There is nothing that makes me feel more alive, and don’t worry, there are always the boys trying to have a bit of extra fun at the back – I’ve seen it so many times before! What they don’t realize is that I speak Croatian and I have a radio mic. Surprise!

DSCF4258Presentation at Osnovne Škole Čazma.

Below are a selection of already presented events. Please contact me to get an offer specifically tailored to your needs.


Ireland, Culture, Song and Dance

90 minutes – Elementary school 1 – 8 Grades

This presentation and variations is held in school halls to facilitate large numbers (200 – 500 students) and having a space to dance. Often it is connected to an “Irish Week” at a school where the students create learn about Irish culture in the classroom and create projects.


Why I Love Learning

(including song and dance)

90 minutes – Elementary school 5 – 8 Grades


Leprechauns & Legends of Ireland

(including song and dance)

90 minutes – High school 1 – 4 Grades