Coaching Strategies

Finding the right type of coaching for you or your team is important. Different challenges require different solutions. To reach these solutions we need a clear goal and strategy. Below is a sample of some coaching strategies.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coachingLeadership Coaching is about assisting the coachee to find a clear vision, delegate workload and to eliminate “micro managing”. In a position of leadership, the ability to act proactively and have perspective is paramount. This enables the leader to make better strategic decisions rather than simply re-acting, often called “putting out fires”. Clarity and confidence from a leader significantly increases the performance of the team he or she leads.

Induction Coaching

Induction Coaching GraphInduction coaching is coaching through a period of change. It is most often undertaken by a coachee who is either new or has been promoted within the business structure. Its goal is to prevent the loss in performance typical with a person coming into a new position. A newly appointed leader needs quickly to establish himself or herself to maintain continuity and increase business growth.

Balance Coaching

Balance coachingThis type of coaching is all about how to maintain a sense of balance when between two conflicting influences. For example: the need to increase quality and reduce costs. The coaching is about helping the coachee to find that place from which they can work with confidence, develop, grow and be sustainable in what can be an intellectually, and emotionally  challenging environment.

Change coaching

Mirror-ManChange coaching is about bringing a significant improvement in the way we work and interact with others. This type of coaching is about examining professional beliefs to ascertain are they still serving the coachee in their day to day interactions. The result is a client who understands that change is inevitable, and who has not only learned to embrace change as they move forward, but to see change as another opportunity to be a leader.

Values Coaching

Untitled-1Ever wondered how somebody can function so well in one role and not in another when they have the technical competence? Likeliness is that the role in which they are not motivated is not aligned with their values. Help the coachee to find values that aligns with them within their new role. Assisting the coachee to understand these values and how they affect motivation can be the difference between success and failure in any business environment.