For University Students

Lecture at University of Pula

Education for the future leaders of our society is an integral part of my work. I have a range of lectures designed for university level students. These cross-discipline topics reflect the real world complexity of life, education, business, communication and society. Lectures are interactive and students are strongly encouraged to bring their own personal experiences into the discussion. Below are a sample of some of the lectures available.

Lectures from all years below are available.


Daring to Believe – Moj brod je Hrvatska (2018)

What does Croatia look like with the glass half full?

Psychology / Marketing / Economics

45 Minutes / 60 Minutes


From Celtic Tiger to Celtic Kitten and back (2017)

Lesson to be learned from the growth, collapse and regrowth of the Irish economy.

Economics / Business / Identity

45 Minutes / 60 Minutes


A Creative Life – Becoming an Entrepreneur (2016)

Creativity is just the first step, useful creativity is the second. Viable creativity is the goal.

Psychology / Business / Arts

45 Minutes / 60 Minutes


I speak, you speak (2015)

A look at the use of primary and secondary languages in communication within business and education. How does local and global interact?

Communication / Language / Culture

45 Minutes / 60 Minutes


Who are we now? (2014)

The effects of joining the EU on national culture, traditions and identity.

Culture / Identity /Politics

45 Minutes / 60 Minutes


Finding your own path (2013)

How might we develop our own unique raison d’être, identity and path forward that can be stable in an ever more fluctuating world?

Creativity / Entrepreneurship / Identity