Business English & Business Coaching

Business English teaching and Business Coaching is about getting results, and helping you to become the most effective person you can be in your business role.

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In teaching I use an extended set of tools which include qualifications in Executive Coaching, Choice Theory and Lead Management and my business experience. Many clients are looking to achieve a number of goals in parallel and you have that unique opportunity.

Individual and Group English teaching

TeachingBusiness English classes includes the standard elements of teaching (grammar, syntax, vocabulary etc.) as well as the my own methodology of confidence building to activate the passive reserve. Classes range in size from individuals to groups of 4, and are taught at your own business premises or place of your choosing. Teaching and coaching for individuals is also available over Skype.

Business Coaching

CoachingCoaching format is based on a yearly program which includes 10 coaching sessions. Each client also receives a goal setting meeting, mid-term and end-term review. Coaching is about building better business performance through understanding how we communicate with ourselves and others in our business environment. Contact us to learn more about this process and its methodology.

English Teaching & Coaching combo – Individual

ComboEvery month: 1 week coaching, 3 weeks English. The two functions are different but work in parallel. The English sessions includes the standard elements of teaching as well as methodology of confidence building to activate the passive reserve. The coaching part can be undertaken in either Croatian or English and concentrates 100% on the needs of the client with regard to their business development.

Conversational English

ConversationalUsed mostly in a “one on one” format. This is for people who have a lot of pressure at work. This format benefits mostly clients who want to improve their English and should have an Intermediate level of English when they commence. Clients can share their work challenges confidentially through English, and the process has a double value of learning and stress management. Includes tools from teaching, business, coaching and Choice Theory/Lead Management.

Also feel free to view some of my coaching strategies.