Language Consultancy

60-4060% of internet traffic is in English. The language isn’t going away – in fact it is growing at an incredible rate with it now being Europe’s and the world’s default language. Furthermore over half of the world’s internet traffic is in English – and it is growing. Teaching the language since 2002, being a native speaker, the marketing and export lead for Brist Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Author of the parenting book “Ja, tata iz Irske” (Algoritam 2012) – one gets a sense of how critical this language has become to have the competitive edge in business and the arts.

Represent Your Business

Having your business represented well through this medium is essential to any serious company out there, but sadly poor translations and understanding of the target message leaves the brand and business identity looking very confused indeed.We will provide you the opportunity to have your public profile checked, so that it is delivering a message consistent with that of the local language. In the “old days” if you were understood that was ok – now your web space and e-communication is a full representation of your professionalism as a business, and your readiness to do business in any international market.

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