Bring Coaching to your Business

Performance-CoachingCoaching in my world is about clarity – clarity for the client, clarity with the sponsor and clarity from the coach. This document and those attached with it are aimed towards that goal. Rather than try to mystify the process, I believe coaching is very rational, very explainable, and when all parties involved have a full understanding of it – very effective.


The concept for the Pilot Coaching Project is that coaching is implemented in such a way as to also grow an understanding of the coaching process within human resources – HR, while experiencing the benefits of the process for the business management team. The project has a fixed budget and time scale, and will include feedback from the coach on how best to manage coaching within the business. It includes a survey feedback process on the coaching and the coaching process.

Strategic Variance

Variance is essentially difference between things or people. The greater this variance is within a group of coaching clients, the more valuable the feedback which can be gathered in relation to coaching process moving forward. Clients are selected from different management levels, different departments and use different types of coaching communication methods. The goal is to get the very best initial understanding as to what types of coaching benefit your business and your leaders most.

Survey / Feedback

Unique to the pilot offer is the creation of a survey form aimed at assessing the effectiveness of the coaching. This survey is designed in cooperation with HR partner (sponsor) and is intended where possible, to integrate the assessment of the coaching within the performance assessments systems already in place.


Below is an example of the client profiles that would most benefit the pilot program. There are no requirements as to who is coached, simply that there is a wide range of clients in all areas. The project is greatly assisted by having one of the HR team coached to understand the process fully and to receive the benefits of coaching in what is a very challenging business role.

Client 1

Client 2

Client 3

Management Level


Top Manager

Mid level Manager


High Gain / Low Risk


Mid Gain / Mid Risk

Human Resources
Customer Care
Public Relations

Low Gain / High Risk



Face to Face

Face to Face & Skype


* Base assessment as to the potential of a department to affect business turnover.


Added value of the Pilot Project.

  • Fixed time scale and budget.
  • Open feedback on the process.
  • Developing a survey integrated with your own internal assessment system.
  • Coaching within HR – where the use of intuition is most deeply needed.
  • My commitment and integrity to assist you in finding the right path forward for your specific needs within coaching.