Your Unique Strategy

Coaching Strategies are effectively “game plans”. When undertaking coaching for improving your life or work performance, it is critically important to know what we are trying to achieve, solve or develop rather than just presuming that coaching will reach its full potential unguided.

Coaching-StrategiesLife and Business Coaching originated from sport with the goal to achieve peak performance – being the best that you can be, given your existing skills and abilities. We also know from sport, as in life and business, that we may not always be in a position to immediately be the very best we can be – getting there is a process of growth and development. Building towards excellence is the way to go, and in that process there are different steps which need to be taken at different times. For that reason I have incorporated & developed existing and new coaching strategies to take you there step by step.

Coaching strategies are that – choosing the next right step. In the course of a coaching contract these can change and the ones listed on the site are just some of my sample Celtis business strategies which apply in most cases to life and life design coaching also. Once the strategy is agreed with you, then our combined skills and knowledge are put into action to achieve the defined goal.

I invite to consider these strategies in relation to you, your team and your business, and I encourage you to develop, amend and tailor them to your own needs in cooperation with your coach. Every individual is infinitely different and their needs, values and strategy going forward should reflect this.