Create a Life Design

Design-imageLife Coaching like Business & Executive Coaching is usually undertaken in the form of a discussion between the client and coach. Each session has a specific goal and by resolving challenge by challenge a clearer path is found to a more effective life and work environment.

Life Design Coaching differs in that it concentrates on the overall strategy of life or business goal first and what is the most effective way to achieve that. Without getting caught up in the day to day challenges there is greater perspective to get and overall strategy in place and a deeper understanding of how the clients functions and rationalizes internally. With this information we then apply this learning back to the challenges at hand but often many of these self-resolve with a greater understanding as to why they are happening.

Life coaching uses key elements from the architectural and design process by using large scale strategic drawing,  and mind mapping to better visualize the relationships between such patterns as values, beliefs, rules, needs, motivations etc. It’s coaching on your feet!

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