Aligning your values

What do you value in your life? Is it love, success, honesty, freedom or peace? In fact there are a multitude of things that we value, and discovering what they are and in which order they sit is critical to removing frustration from our day to day lives. Deciding is love more important than happiness or success more important than growth are important distinctions that will help us align, and spend our time engaged in (and enjoying) as many of the top things we value, for as much time as we can.

ValuesThe result is simple – when you do what you like doing, you are motivated and motivation brings actions and results. The question is; are you doing what you really value or what you believe you should value?


Love / Respect

Vitality / Health





Being Able




Above is a sample list of values to give you a start at the process. You choose your values and put them in the order that most suits you. The next challenge is to live in alignment with them!